Frequently asked Questions




How can I track my package ? 

After placing an order on our e-shop, and once the order has been processed by us, you will receive an email with the tracking number linked to La Poste ‘s website, where you can view delivery status.


What is the average delivery time ?

Parcel shipments are supported by Colissimo services for France . An average delivery time of three days is announced by these services from the moment they collect the parcel. A command processing time is added to the time of shipment.  

Regarding the international shipments, they are supported by La Poste general Services. We will not be able to communicate a standard delivery time, that will depend on the parcel destination.


Can my order be delivered outside France ?

The delivery of our products is possible abroad, within the limits of current regulations for certain items (cutlery e.g.).

If you are not living in France and if you would like more information about shipping delivery terms aboard, please contact us.

 fallon(at) +33 (0)4 50 24 01 44 337 route de Valparc, 74330 Poisy/Annecy, France

 The Customer has to check  the limitations and laws of the country where the product is delivered. If limitations are applied, the  Seller cannot be held responsible for.

What can I do if my package was damaged?

If your shipment arrives clearly damaged, please contact us at :

Fallon(at) Fallon sarl 337 route de Valparc, 74330 Poisy

Précisez la nature de l’avarie, les conditions de réception de votre colis avec photos à l’appui, et les réserves émises.   precise nature of damages,


How do I know if my order was successful ?

You will receive an automated email to confirm your order has been received, and is being processed. At any moment you can check the status of your order whether it is a passed order or a

A l’issue de votre commande et une fois le paiement en ligne achevé, vous recevez une confirmation par e-mail. A tout moment dans votre Espace Personnel vous pouvez accéder à la liste des commandes effectuées, qu’elles soient en cours de traitement ou bien acheminées.


How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on the article weight and the destination. Shipping fees can be automatically estimated in your basket, once connected on your account.




How are selected the items sold on the

Items Sold online are by-product from the brand FALLONCUIR. You will also find other accessories on sale such as knives, Flashlight, equipment ... they are our firm favorite accessories, tested & selected by us,for Gentlemen Adventurers.  Please, note that most of products are exceptional items avalaible in limited number.


Where can we buy Falloncuir Pocket Humidors ?

Our Pocket Humidors are not sold Online. Find the closest Cigar shop around you on our network page :