Gentleman aventurier

The Gentleman & Adventurer character is born through trips and excursions, while FALLONCUIR Pocket Humidors ' inventors were testing the quality of their Cigare Cases in extreme meteorological conditions.

" With no specific color or religion, Gentlemen and Gentlewomen Adventurers could be universal individuals"

I Suppose elegance, altruism and taste for the unknown, could be a driving force in life.

They might be impertinent, free-thinker, curious about everything and toward others, their deep humanism drives them to engagement and services.

This endangered species does not need reserve nor protection, even less ideological beliefs from " right-minded " persons.
Politically incorrect by definition, they have as an ideal an unreachable transcended liberty 

They have almost died enough times to enjoy their own Life, and lives of others. 

Patrick FALLON

Fallon Adventurer offers the necessary equipment to live your own every day adventure.